• Do you love Monsters?

    Do you love Monsters?

    Black raven Tattoo is hosting a Monster painting workshop, led by the well known Casey Love . It will be an 8 hour course at the shop, All ages and skill levels are welcomed, scan the QR Code and go to Casey's page to sign up and read all the details of whats included or go here

  • We are celebrating Black raven Tattoo turning 7 yrs old, so were going back to year 1 with prices from 7 yrs ago pre inflation, pre pandemic and doing tattoos starting at $80. with an hourly of $180. from April 27th through May 3rd. Does not apply to pre existing appointments nor can be combined with other discounts or specials held by individual artists.

  • Golden State Tattoo Convention Pasadena. Jan 24-26th

    Golden State Tattoo Convention Pasadena. Jan 24-26th

    I will be attending The Golden State Tattoo Convention in Pasadena. I still have availability on Saturday of the show. If you would like to book something with me, don't wait till the last minute. Its best to book in advance so I can prepare your artwork and be ready for you there. feel free to shoot me an email wither through this site here or email Tiffany@BlackRaventattoo.com

  • Back To School Giveaway!!

    Back To School Giveaway!!

    we are giving away this Brand Spankin new men's 26" cruiser for FREE!!!!
    "What do I have to do?" you ask..
    Nothing more than what you were already going to doo. Come in and get a tattoo, even a "Get What You Get" tattoo and you will automatically be entered in a drawing to win it.
    no tickets to buy, no pages to follow, no tags, likes, or reposts..
    Just come get tattooed between now and Sept 30th.. you know you were planning it anyway..310-800-1313

  • Did you know?

    when at the shop if you " check in " on Facebook, Foursquare, Google or Yelp, you will get a free entry ticket to win monthly prizes! no purchase necessary . prizes include movie tickets, T shirts, gift cards and even free tattoos!!

  • FLASHback Friday

    This Friday we will be bringing out all the Old Flash designs. If you had always wanted something cool from the tattoo shop when you were younger and regret not getting it, now is the time to get it. Also if you have no idea what you may want, come look through the designs for inspiration or find the one just right for you. this is this Friday ONLY!. if it goes well, we may try it again

  • Its No wOpen!

    Its No wOpen!

    so the time has come that I finally am opening my very own larger shop, big enough to accommodate 7 artists.
    it is located in Historic Downtown Torrance at 1313 Sartori Ave. email inquiries to Balckraventattoogallery@Gmail.com or contact me here like you have always done.I'll soon be announcing the grand opening. you can also follow progress via social media.

  • Seattle Tattoo Convention

    Im considering doing the Seattle convention, but would like some feedback as to if anyone in the Seattle area is interested in booking something with me . It is in Aug, if you are considering getting tattooed by me there , please contact me asasp. my email address is Arte.byTiffany@Hotmail.com

  • Boston Convention in April This year

    Boston Convention in April This year

    So, I didnt think I was going to be able to attend the convention this year since it moved from the fall to the spring but due to client requests and a little nudge from fellow artists, I will find a way to pull it off. so for all you in Mass, I will be seeing you sooner than later..Yayyy!!

  • Art &Soul Tattoos Los Angeles

    Art &Soul Tattoos Los Angeles

    You can also find me tattooing here 2 days a week Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well as at Paper Cane Thursday - Saturday

  • Now working at Paper Crane Studio in Long Beach

    Now working at Paper Crane Studio in Long Beach

    you can find me tattooing here in Long Beach at Paper Crane 3 days a week Thursday - Saturday

  • World Wide tattoo Conference in Portland Oregon

    World Wide tattoo Conference in Portland Oregon

    I officially just bought my ticket to attend this conference.Im pretty excited for learning some new things and getting some much needed inspiration. i may or may not be doing a guest spot the weekend before in Portland, but it all depends on if I get any requests. i will gladly lug around my equipment for a chance to tattoo some fun Portland based people..

  • Boston And Salem Mass

    I will be attending the Boston Tattoo Convention in Aug and am already booked out, but if you still desire work by me, i will stay and tattoo in Salem at Witch City Ink the days following the convention. If you are interested in getting on the schedule for Salem please contact me via email asap. Arte.byTiffany@Hotmail.com or via this site

  • Guest spot in Portland April 28-May3 2015

    I'll be doing a guest spot at Fortune Tattoo in Portland from Wed April 28-Sun May 3rd. book your appointments now. the sooner the better so we can have time to get the perfect tattoo drawn up for you before I get there.
    Fortune Tattoo
    email me for your appointment BOOK ME

  • Boston Tattoo convention 2014

    still have openings...yet booking up fast, so lets get started on this.
    bostontattooconvention.com/ The Boston Tattoo Convention|

  • Boston Tattoo convention 2014

    I know its early now but , Im already booking appointments for the Boston tattoo convention. I like to start now so I can prepare your artwork and schedule you in , also this year its only 3 days instead of 4, so that gives me less time to tattoo you all, BUT if I get enough requests from locals, I may work out staying a few more days and doing a guest spot in Salem at Witch City Ink, not sure if I will come before or after the convention so it all depends on who is available for what..Please feel free to email me with any questions or ideas...Arte.byTiffany@Hotmail.com

  • Guest Spot at Witch City Ink Nov 6th-11th

    if you would like to get tattooed by me while Im there, please contact me ASAP. space and time are limited

  • possibly doing a guest spot in Mass.

    due to the overwhelming requests I have gotten the past few years for the Boston Tattoo convention, I am saddened that I am unable to accommodate everyone with the limited time I am in Boston, so I am in the works of trying to secure a guest spot in either Beverly, near Boston or Salem. If you would like to book with me in Nov , please let me know..

  • July 12-14 2013

    I will be attending the Pomona Body Art Expo this July, I have some availability now, so if you would like to schedule an appointment with me , please dont wait till the last min...Body Art Expo

  • Boston Tattoo Convention August/30-9/2

    Again I will be attending The Boston Tattoo Convention this year, Im already booking appointments so be sure to book yours soon BOSTON CONVENTION